orinoco + livebox + aireplay = bug or protection


I run airodump, aireplay -1 , aireplay -3 .. -x 600

got xxxx arp , sends xxx packets, airodump collecting data...

aireplay -3 sends very fast, airodump collect about 500/s

Networ power 35,

10 minutes, data about 200.000 ... airodump collect data about 10/second... (aireplay -3 sends the same speed on begining) aireplay -3 no deauth.

tested 3 times on 3 livebox... the same result, about 10 minutes fast injection and it freez.... power is the same, beacons speed the same.. injection the same only collecting using airdump not 500/s only 10/sec.

Why? Is this protection or bug?

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