Problem getting wi-fi connection

I'm running in to a problem with one of my desktop PCs, a Dell Dimension 4600c running Win XP Pro SP2 with a DLINK Range Booster PCI wi-fi card. I'm able to aquire IP & gateway via DHCP from the wi-fi router, but unable to ping the router or access the internet. This occurs intermittently, so sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. Rebooting, disabling/enabling the wi-fi card, etc. sometimes causes the problem to go away, while other times it has no affect.

The DLINK PCI card power save is turned off and is set to the always on mode. Also, I'm showing 80 to 100 percent signal from the router. I've gone so far as to disable the firewall and antivirus with no luck. Other wi-fi PCs in my house don't have this problem.

Does anyone have any suggestions as to what else may be causing this?

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What's the model number of the PCI card?

Are you using WEP encryption? If so, use the Hex key and not the ASCII key.

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