Belkin N1 problem

I've just brought my wireless router back from work and tried to set it up at home with very limited success.

The first problem was remembering the login password. I blatantly couldn't remember it so I thought it would be clever to reset to the factory default settings and start over.

The problem is: whatever I change in any of the sections in the router config, when I click "apply changes" it spews out some rubbish about "ap0 no private ioctls" and "segmentation fault". It's done it so far when I try to change the admin password and when I try to enable security. Then when I return to these sections they haven't changed at all.

I've updated the firmware from 2.01.13 to 2.01.19 and the only difference I can see is the ability to choose the interface language on the home screen. The above problem still remains. :\\

Any help appreciated, the belkin site doesn't seem to be that helpful and googling hasn't helped me massively.

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That's what it looks like after I click 'apply changes'. I've noticed on the home screen it says security is enabled but the little led indicator on the router itself is off, suggesting that it's not enabled at all...

The most helpful comment I've heard so far is "ooh segmentation fault, that doesn't look very good". :(

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I am far from experted on networking, or I just be able to get mine working and small touble-shooting now and then, and wireless I have only installed my first wireless few days ago. I didn't run into major problem but connecting to wrong connector

These are few things I have run into, and hope some may be some help to you.

- First, I believe it require a straight_cable from PC to router (or PC to HUB). Others will work with twisted cable.

I can't tell the difference between the cables, or I never care to read any note on the cable but that was my first problem when installing the first router. But I may be wrong.

- Resetting, I read you said reset but I wonder if you do HARDWARE RESET or something? I know both my wired and wireless routers have HARDWARE RESET to reset back to factory default setting.

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