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Okay, here's the deal... I have a wlan network at home... Access to the net (adsl) via wireless router (which is also an adsl modem). Here are the settings: Router: Comp: Def.gateway: - gateway to the net, of course...

I wish to buy another wlan adapter for my PC and connect to the local wireless community. The router IP is lets say, and my adapter would have lets say There's no internet access over that network, just a bunch of pc-s from local enthuziasts.

So the question is... is this feasible? I believe it is... but there are things that puzzle me...

Is it possible to configure two default gateways? for another adapter? And how will my apps "react"? :) I mean, how do i "tell" my browser, icq, mail etc. which gateway leads to the internet (and therefore should be used automatically) and which goes to the wlan community? How do they know? :) So, how do I make this system work without any "conflicts"?

I hope i've been clear enough... Thanks for any help in advance. BTW, is there some sort of a tutorial concerning this matter? I haven't had much luck googling...

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For what it's worth, I have two wireless networks at home (one shared w 4 laptops/and 2 shared 256 GB network storage, and the other internet access). I did the absolute one thing the instruction manual said never to do.... I have the output of one, plugged into the wan input of a wap/router on the other, and now everything works nice with each other...I still have two access points, but one has everything on it, and the other has nothing now... The WiFlyer (AP and dialup modem, also allows connection to broadband DSL/Cable/etc) Moral? If the instructions say don't do it, do it! Can't see why something like that (IE effectively bridging the two networks) wouldn't work in your situation.

(PS for those curious, the second is a WiFlyer portable AP/modem - useful for traveling,

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, allows both high speed inputs- or a default dialup modem, and the first a Linksys wap54g)

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