Semi-OT: Hauppauge MediaMVP players..


I'm just posting this here since it is a followup to an original post that I made regarding HDTV over 802.11..

I gave up on the HD idea, but David Taylor pointed me in the right direction for a cool SD network solution: the Hauppauge MediaMVP player, along with (freeware) GB-PVR. The "on-topic" aspect, I suppose, is that I found them to work just fine over 802.11(a).

Anyway, Radio Shack is clearing these animals for a measly $40. I just picked up two more of 'em and now have three TV's networked. Like anything else, they have their quirks, but still are very cool (especially for the price). One of things I really like is being able to skin the front-end on the PC side.

Looking at video capture cards now so I can start using them for recording!

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