can't connect to friends linksys

Ok- so here's the problem. I have a thinkpad T60. and my friend who lives above me has a linksys w/no key. I have a 4 bar excellent signal.. when I try to connect.. it has the red x thru the computer on the right hand side in the bottom and says "not connected" yet.. for a few minutes will let me sign onto AIM.. then kicks me off. I brought my moms Lenevo laptop over.. and she can connect with no problem. When I bring my laptop over to my parents house or any other persons house w/linksys/or any other router I have no problem connecting.. I cannot figure out what can possibly be wrong.. I've been racking my brain for 3 days.. please help!! :confused:

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On Mon, 4 Feb 2008 09:02:59 -0500, firedancergurl5 wrote in :

Do you connect when in the abode of your "friend"? Are you connected properly when you sign into AIM? What does "kicks me off" mean exactly?

Possible causes:

  • Wireless (radio) interference
  • Internal antenna disconnected

See the wiki below for more info.

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