No IP assigned from Linksys BEFW11S4

The fact that you can bridge and get an IP says that the IP for the wireless adapter is indeed not working correctly. I would suggest that you check for a driver update for the atheros and for firmware updates for the linksys. Might even de-install tcp/IP for the adapter and re-install it and while you are at it double check the tcp/ip config. You could alos assign a static address and see if it will work

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Running XP Pro SP2, Linksys BEFW11S4 wireless router.

Other laptops run wireless/cable, but my own laptop can only connect through cable

When I try to go wireless, then in order to get an IP from DHCP on the router, I first have to establish a "bridge" between the lan-connection and the wireless-connection in WinXP, then delete the bridge - then I get an IP from the router - and I can access the internet. When restarting the laptop I get the same problem again; no assigned IP.

Laptop: Toshiba Satellite A60 with Atheros AR5004G wireless adapter

On cable - no problems Other laptops no problems with wireless WEP og MAC-filtering is checked 100% - and they have to be correct because I can get access doing the "bridge-trick" Tried to let WinXP control the network connections - and afterwards let the adapter utility control the network connections - no success in either case

So - my own conclusion is something is wrong i WinXP - but what???



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Morten Jørgensen

Does anyone know where to find the Atheros drivers?? - As far as I can se they are not on - ?

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