wireless adapter problem?

I helped a friend of mine buy a Toshiba laptop model Satellite P35 with built-in wireless. I tried setting up her Netgear wireless router and after I had set the router up with a wired pc, I could not get the laptop wireless adapter(Atheros brand) to enable. Plus the fact that her cable modem kept powering on and off during the router setup makes me think that the router wasn't set up properly. First, when she gets the new cable modem, am I going to have to set up the router again? Second I could not figure out how to 'enable' the wireless adapter. She lives about 70 miles away and I told her that maybe when she gets the new cable modem, it might recogize her wireless connection in her laptop....maybe. Help, I am a semi-newbie at setting up wireless routers with laptops. Thanks in advance for any help.


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