Sveasoft or hyperwrt Firmware?

Just bought a Linksys speedbooter router. Which firmware is safer to install, Sveasoft or hyperwrt? Both offer the improvements I want, but which is more bullet-proof, i.e. safer?

Thanks LT

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They are all pretty much of a muchness considering that they are really just the products of tinkerers fiddling with the publicly available Linksys distribution. Some fiddlers are less rigorous than others when it comes to testing their work.

Sveasoft were charging people $20 or so to download their latest bugs, I don't know about the current situation.

I like Ewrt

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as it works OK. As well as the standard tweaks it implements a captive portal (NoCatSplash) and there is sufficient memory left to run kismet drone (memory will be less of a problem with the speedbooster).


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