no internet on wireless but wired works OK

DSL modem + WRG614 wireless router + wired PC and wireless laptop, XP. All new equip less than a year old.

The DSL modem is in bridge mode and the router is doing PPPoE. The wired PC has no problem getting its IP from the router (DHCP) and reaching the internet.

The wireless laptop also gets an IP from the router but I get no internet. It connects to the router. The SSID is correct and unique for this LAN. The laptop can ping the router and the wired PC. I forgot to try pinging the other direction but suspect is works. The router stats show both machines are connected with different IPs.

I have tried all three security modes: none , WEP64, WPA. I have tried setting static IP and known good DNS and gateway addresses in the laptop. I have turned off the sw firewall. Other than PPPoE the router is at its defaults. I am running out of things to try.

I may not have done every step above in the proper order/combination so I may have missed something.

Would ping still work if I had an incorrect security key?

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The problem was solved by re-flashing the firmware (same version) and re-entering all the settings again. Hard to believe I would have to resort to this on a brand-new unit, but there you go.

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