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I have a Dell pc at home. I travel about 600 miles from home on my job, and I have comcast high speed cable internet service. If I get whatever I need for my Dell laptop can I access the internet with my laptop when I am away from home? Does this service cost a lot or is it something that I have now with my comcast service? If I can do this what should I purchase that has a good reputation and actually works. Right now I get a dialup service for wherever I happen to be. That is a pain in the butt, as I am only in a area for about 4 weeks or so then I have to move to another location. Thank you for any help. Bob

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Some possible solutions:

  1. Get a dialin ISP with national coverage. The below no frills allvantage .95/mo. setup has a very large number of access numbers across the country.
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  2. If you stay in a hotel/motel, get one that has free high speed wifi net access.

  1. Starbucks and other places have a national net wifi setup that you pay to use..

  2. Search around for coffie shops, truck stops, and such that have free wifi access.

  1. Make yourself a war driving setup and borrow wifi access where you can.

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