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Given the fact that disabling the SSID broadcast, enabling MAC address filtering, and enabling encryption doesn't totally protect the WLAN. Couldn't the owner of the WLAN trap the hacker inside the WLAN by using IP filtering to prevent the hacker from using the connection to access the Internet? The user could protect the rest of the WLAN/LAN by turning off file/print sharing, the computer browser service and etc. Thereby making the hack worthless because the hacker can't go anywhere. This would prevent identity theft, no? Most if not all current AP's settings can only be changed through the web browser interface and as long as it's default password has been changed what measures are there to compromise that password?

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(snip various ideas for preventing access to hardware)

No. There /are/ other ways to access files and printers than via MS's file&printer sharing, and once you're inside the network you're in.

For example, you can immediately identify all the computers on the network, their type, address, OS, patchlevel and so forth, then you can probe for various security weaknesses, or for servers running (http, ftp, database, others), any of which might have a means of ingress.

Several, not counting brute-force cracking.

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Mark McIntyre

kind of looks like the main people stealing bandwidth are neighbors that don't know what they're connected to , or neighbors who don't know how not to connect to the neighboring AP's.

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