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Hi all,

i buy internet access from some internet provider..they came to my home

and attach some usb flat panel antenna, and they said that i dont need

to use modem to connect to internet..after couple of days i figure out

that they are using wireless network..i shocked because i didnt know

that it is possible to connect internet like that..after a little bit

search from internet i found that i can build my own antenna like

pringles can or cantenna to build network with my friends through the

AP that they provide the internet..i didnt know where to plug that

antenna, and after the reading of the antenna building tutorials i buy

Linksys WMP54G wireless network card.. i learn i need some special

cable(LMR400) and very good in electronics, i believe

that i can build antenna..but i dont know what kind of antenna should i

build. also the only positions that can see the AP's is minimum 15

meters far from computers and one of my friends home is very near(same

street) to AP, other friends home is almost same place as me (5

kilometers) the AP is using 802.11b, my signal is low and it tells 2

mbps...sometimes 6 mbps...should i buy it or build it?? im very

confused about everything..any word can be helpfull..just say something


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For what it is worth, building very high frequency antennas is as much art as it is science. Few people have the resources available to build something that is actually better than even the low end stuff they can buy commercially.

Secondly, if the FCC happens to get wind of your venture, you could be looking at some steep fines. Those folks don't play games these days. I wouldn't risk it.

Ed Cregger, NM2K

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The Amazing Seismo

err... no, you're not.

Anyway, if you're thinking of building your own so that you don't have to bother with paying the ISP, you've got a *lot* of learning to do.

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