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yes..i want to make 3 cantennas for my friends...and ISP's Acces point

isnt wep secured..also when i search the available networks i found 2

more Access points and they are also not wep secured...if i build 3

cantennas for my friends, can we ping and see each others files over

network?? one more question...there are some of places that i can

attach my antenna but its minimum 12 meters far...if i use LMR400 is it

ok?? or i need more quality cable?? sorry for my poor english..

thank you very much for all of your answers..

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If you can establish connections with the AP and it's as wide open as you describe, you should be able to see each other's machines. Depends on several things though. For instance, the AP I use has a setting for turning on or off communications between clients.

12 meters of LMR400 is quite a bit, but there are certainly people using longer runs of LMR400. If you go to lower loss cable you are looking at extrememly thick and expensive cable. A more reasonable way to go is to mount the radio closer to the antenna. Either use a weather proof enclosure for your radio or use a radio designed for outdoor use. That way you can run Cat5 with power over ethernet which is far cheaper *and* doesn't attenuate the signal.

Lastly, if you have an ISP who is trying to provide internet service under difficult conditions, are you sure your efforts won't be harmful to their efforts?

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