new to wireless - 4 port switch and Wireless Access Point?


I currently use a firewall running unix with two ethernet cards, one ethernet card connects to the cable modem and the other connects to the 4 port HUB. The 4 port hub provides internet access via the firewall for my main PC upstairs (static ip), a computer downstairs for playing MP3's (static ip) and my laptop (static ip) using CAT5 cable.

I would like to replace the 4 port HUB with a wireless access point? but im not sure if such a product is available for my requirements. I want to plug my main PC upstairs into the Wireless Access Points 100mb/switch (CAT5 cable) and connect to my unix firewall (CAT5 cable). I then want to buy a wireless PCI card for the MP3 PC downstairs and wireless PCMCIA card for my laptop.

I heard good things about the USR 125/mb but don't mind spending a little more if these new MIMO wireless products are better. Any ideas are welcome on a good solution.

thanks in advance.

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