Comcast Gold - poor download speeds?


I called Comcast and verified that my area was upgraded to the new I decided to upgrade to "Gold" service - 6000 down / 768 up. I wanted the "Gold" for the upload speeds since I work from home, use Outlook Exchange, and Lotus Notes, etc - and syncing / replicating speeds is important to me.

Well - once we did that - every internet speed test I went to showed upload speeds above 700 .. consistently. BUT my download speeds are poor and inconsistent....ranging from 1500 to 3000, occasionally hitting just over

4000 and just once over 5000.

I worked with Comcast. Of course they had me disconnect my router and plug my PC directly to the modem - which produced the exact same behavior.

The tech explained that since my area was just upgraded - the "Gold" may not be 100% ... so he comp'ed me one month service and asked me to wait it out for a week or two .. to see if it stabilizes. At that point we can call out a tech, or go back to "Silver".

Anyone seen this? Anyone have "Gold"?

My setup:

- Location: Bryn Mawr, Radnor Township, Pennsylvania

- Surfboard 4100

- Linksys BEFSR11 Router with 1.46.02 firmware

- Dell PowerConnect 2016 - 16 port switch

- Main PC - ASUS PS800 MB, P4, 3.0 GHZ, 1 MB Cache, HT, 1 GB RAM, with built in SiS 900-Based PCI Fast Ethernet Adapter

- Windows XP / SP2

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I'm in Bensalem with the same download issue on Gold as you are experiencing. Apparently, this is happening all over 'Comcast Country' based on threads in Comcast forums and up at Broadband Reports. I'm usingh a Motorola SB 5100 on Mac OSX behind an Xrouter Pro with an Airport Base Station access point for my wireless LAN. Uploads have been great since

1/27...downloads are just as you describe.
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Comcast is aware of this issue. The mods on the Forums are soliciting feedback to help them narrow down the problem.

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