Verizon Fios begins offering multi-gig home internet speeds in NYC [telecom]

The provider's fastest plan is available in select areas of the city and will be rolled out to additional markets later this year.

After Ziply Fiber and AT&T nabbed headlines in January with announcements about their new multi-gig home internet plans, Verizon has stepped forward with news of its own. Beginning Tuesday, select areas of the New York City market will be able to sign up for the Fios

2 Gigabit Connection plan, which offers upload and download speeds as high as 2.3 gigabits per second.

Verizon Fios, the company's 100% fiber-optic home internet service, is available in eight Northeastern states and the District of Columbia. In most markets, it offers three plans: Fios 300 (300 megabits-per-second download and upload speeds), Fios 500 (500Mbps download, upload) and Fios Gigabit (940Mbps download, 880Mbps upload).

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I'm curious where the "select areas of the New York City market" are located, and even more curious as to what makes them "select."

I'm also curious about how a line that tops out at 940 Mbps can be labelled "Gigabit" when it obviously isn't: let's see, I'll grab a virtual pencil ...

940 divided by 1,000 is 0.94. 880 divided by 1,000 is 0.88.

So, Verizon's "Gigabit" service, according to Cnet, is only 94% of a Gigabit on download, and only 88% of a Gigabit on uploads.

Bill Horne

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Bill Horne
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Speeds are measured using the burst rate of the physical layer. GigE essentially transmits a bit in a billionth of a second. But usable capacity is always lower than the burst rate. There is protocol overhead, like the packet headers, and sometimes some mandatory wait time, like for upstream arbitration. So depending on how it's measured, it's always somewhat below the burst rate. The FCC rule for compliance with CAF/RDOF obligation is to net 80%.

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