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I am using a Senoa card with the Senao 2511 chipset and I would like someone to recommend a card that has more range than this one. I assume that this card is not the best I can get and I would like to obtain the best if possible. Thank you.

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snipped-for-privacy@here.com hath wroth:

Range is NOT hugely affected by the selection of PCMCIA cards. Range is really in the antenna. For example, the typical wireless card, that can barely make it to the end of the street using the stock antenna, can go hundreds of miles with a proper antenna. How about

125 miles without any power amplifier?

The current record is 237 miles. In case you missed the point, play with the antenna and never mind the wireless card. Got it?

To give you some clues with the numbers, 6dB of antenna gain increase is good for doubling your range. The typical rubber ducky antenna is good for about 2dBi of gain. The internal PCMCIA card antenna might be 0dBi, but is probably worse. That means a crappy coffee can antenna, with a realistic gain of about 8dBi, minus some connector and coax losses of perhaps 2dB, will yield about 6dB of gain over the PCMCIA thus doubling the range. Want more? Get a panel antenna with perhaps 12-14dBi gain. That's good for 4 to 5 times the range.

If you must have a maximum power, long range, power sucking, PCMCIA card, I suggest you invest in one of these:

Other than the 300mw output, there's nothing really special about this card.

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