linksys wireless-g range extender causing file sharing issues

just picked up a linksys range extender at best buy to eliminate some signal issues, and it is working beautifully in that respect - the issue is that since i have connected the range extender to the network, i'm now completely unable to share any files through windows...the computers just can't seem to see each other. what makes it even more odd is that some computers can ping some computers, others can't ping anyone...even more confusing to me is that one computer in particular can ping my computer, but i can't ping that computer back. all computers on the network can ping both the router and the range extender, and file sharing was working flawlessly before this...please help!

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"Matt" hath wroth:

I guess Best Buy is selling Linksys range extenders without model numbers. Could I trouble you to kindly disclose the model number and the firmware version (assuming you bothered to check for updates)?

What access point or wireless router are you using with the unspecified range extender? Compatibility issues are epidemic and your symptoms are typical.

The obvious test to perform first is to turn off (that's like pull the AC power plug) on the range extender and verify that your wireless network still works without the range extender. If it doesn't, then something else is screwed up with your network. Lacking a description, I can't offer any clues.

I'm not sure what to suggest to make this work. It's usually something you have no control over such as timing issues or creative

802.11 header data. Sometimes firmware updates fix the problem. In general, the only safe way to make it work is to insure that your unspecified model Linksys range extender has the same chipset as your unspecified wireless router, or at least uses the same chipset.
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Jeff Liebermann

sorry...there's only one range extender listed on the linksys website, so i figured that specifying "linksys" would be good enough. model # is WRE54G

router is WRT54GS (wireless-g with speedboost), which i'm nearly certa> "Matt" hath wroth:

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"Matt" hath wroth:

Right. Let's make it as difficult as possible for anyone answering your question. It's considered good form to disclose:

  1. What you're trying to accomplish.
  2. What you have to work with. Otherwise, answering your question is an ordeal process. Incidentally, have you ever tried to buy auto parts without disclosing the vehicle make and model number? Wireless is the same way. Different cars and different wireless devices have different problems. That reminds me... is it a WRE54G v1 or v2? Are you using the stock firmware with the WRT54GS or an alternative?

Assumption, the mother of all screwups. The specs say that it works with WRT54G, WRT54GS, WAP54G, or any router with WDS support. This might be a fun read:

Basically, it says that it sorta works with the WRT54G but works better if you use the WDS mode which requires alternative firmware for the WRT54G. I would do this anyway (i.e. DD-WRT) as the alternative firmware offers considerably more features.

From the test summary at:

"I was very disappointed and surprised at the poor performance that the WRE54G had in my testing."

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