file sharing only works for some files, not all

I have an odd situation...

I've got four computers all linked together using two separate routers

- a Linksys BEFSR41 wired router, and a Linksys WRT54G wireless router. Two of the computers are wired to the BEFSR41, one is wired to the WRT54G, the other is on a wireless connection from the WRT54G.

The two routers are uplinked together using a crossover cable, and all the computers are on the same subnet - the wired router is, and is acting as the gateway and DHCP server. The wireless router is

The problem is that I'm having issues with Windows file sharing...very odd issues. I can see all files on all shares, that's not a problem. The issue is that I can only copy certain files across the network, not all files. For example: I have a share on the computer that is wired to the WRT54G that has several MP3 files and several text and Word documents. I can copy any of the documents across the network without any issues...I can copy NONE of the MP3s across the network. I always get an access denied message when attempting to do so.

To further confuse me here, I CAN copy the MP3s across the network if they are in a subfolder of that main share...and I CAN copy all files if I'm on the wireless computer. This led me to believe that maybe it was an issue between the two routers, but that wouldn't explain why I can copy some files, and also why I can access the MP3s from subfolders.

Can someone please help me? I'm extremely confused by this...

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