Slow download with HP laptop (wireless)

Hi all,

Can someone help me with my slow HP laptop wireless? IT seems there is something wrong with the built-it wireless card. (or maybe a configuration problem?)

My Internet connection speed can go up to 800+ kBytes/s with all my other devices:

- wired destkop pc,

- wireless IBM laptop

- wired hp laptop

But my tests with my hp wireless connection shows only 500 Kbytes. (never more than 600kbytes/s)

my hp laptop is running on a freshly installed winXP sp2, I've downloaded all recent drivers from

for the record, my laptop is a HP dv5140ca.

Any ideas? :huh:

Thank you.

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On Sun, 13 Jan 2008 11:26:51 -0500, j-f wrote in :

How are you testing speed?

How close is the HP laptop to the wireless access point?

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