Netgear WPN824 router admin via IE6: "The page cannot be displayed"

WPN824 / Windows XP SP2 / IE6 / Verizon DSL(not that that should matter for this question).

When I connect to my WPN824 (RangeMax) router via Internet Explorer 6, I get the SmartWizard pages usually ok, but when I try to change some of the settings I get:

The page cannot be displayed

For example, I go to:

Advanced-->Wireless Settings-->Setup Access List

And add a mac address to filter to, it will give me the "updating settings" progress bar, and then instead of the page again it will give me the cannot be displayed error.

I tried setting the IE keep-alive timeout to 120 seconds, on the off chance that it was timing out IE, but it did not help.

This happens on many of the settings. It's driving me nuts, sometimes hitting F5 and reloading the smartwizard pages shows that the changes had not taken effect.

Pop-ups are not blocked.

Any ideas???


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Thomas G. Marshall
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