problem with dlink dsl g604T

Hi -

I have a problem with the port forwarding page in the setup for the dlink dsl g604T adsl modem router.

I can use other pages on the site - for the router - but cannot use the advanced - port forwarding page.

I doubt if i am the only one who has this problem - but I would like to be able to save or edit ports.

When i try to edit or add or delete a port forwarding entry I get an error message like:

char :1 error : object expected, code : 0 URL: but i cannot do anthing about this with ie browser settings. Dlink tell me it is a microsoft problem - but i am not sure - i think that the firmware may be bugged. I think that i will need to reset and re-install the firmware.

Any advice appreciated.


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Hello, gordon! You wrote on Wed, 20 Jul 2005 06:19:33 +1000:

g> When i try to edit or add or delete a port forwarding entry I get an g> error message like:

g> char :1 g> error : object expected, g> code : 0 g> URL: g> g> Any advice appreciated.

You can try to input the Rulename beginning with a number, like: 1-Shareaza Choose TCP or UDP Fill Port Start, Port End and Port Map with the portnumber Add to right column. Apply and Save all under Tools > System commands.

Hope it works.

With best regards, EDJO.

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