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If blocking the SSID, filtering the MAC address, and using the packet encryption doesn't fully secure a wireless network from packet sniffers, then what will? Just how many data packets have to be analyzed before a smart cracker can penetrate the security of a wireless network? If your basic home office user implements all of the named security features above is there still a risk?


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First of all, nothing is truly secure. Someone with a great deal of time and persistence will enter your network. That is not to say that you should be fearful. Unless you're some kind of VIP with prized info on your network, it is unlikely that a person will devote that kind of time to access your network or surf the internet at your expense. There are too many "unsecured" networks around that are more inviting. Then again, revenge is one hell of a motivator. Also, many home users only share internet access and not files and printers. In other words, continue to basically secure your network and practice safe internet surfing and you will be fine. Take care.

Just Me, D

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Doug Jamal

The number of needed packets to analyse the key stream depends on the length of the WEP key. For a 128bit about 2 mollion packets are needed. If you are using WPA the key will change before an attacker can sniff enough data.

Without WPA ot other security option the WLAN can be penetrated, but it will need some time.


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