Need some help with wpc54gx4 and Dell C640

I just purchased a Linksys wpc54gx4 card and have tried to install it on both my c640 and laptops. I installed software on the C640 and the adapter worked fine until I rebooted the pc. The laptop froze on bootup. When I pulled out the card the pc continued to boot. After the pc was up I put the card back in then my laptop froze. Once I pull out the card pc runs normally. On the other c640 the install hangs and will not finish. I have downloaded the latest linksys drivers and it did not help.

Both systems are running Windows xp pro sp2. Both machines have the latest bios upgrades. I am sort of at my wits end with this. It appears to be some sort of irq conflict, but I cannot figure out how to resolve. Hardware is not my strong suite!

I contacted Linksys techsupport, they told be to turn off the Firewall, I guess they don't get the fact that it is not a connection issue. Any advice would be appreciated.

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I have the same issue with my Dell Latitude D600. However, once I un-docked the laptop, the card worked just fine. Most likely a hardware conflict.

Re, Bob

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