Linksys wpc11 ver 3.0 install

I'm trying to install a Linksys WPC11 ver 3.0 wireless card in my laptop. Software seems to install ok, but when I insert the card, the lights on the card flash on then off. Then the whole computer hangs up, Requiring a paperclip reset. Any helpful hints as to what to try next?

win 98 HP Omnibook 900 linksys WPC11 ver 3.0

Latest software & drivers from Linksys.

Al S

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Al Schmidt
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You would most likely not have this problem if you were running Win2K or XP. Win98 is very unstable, especially when it comes to drivers. Ditch Win98 if you are able.

That being said, your best bet is probably to try uninstalling the driver, reboot and make sure everything's fine, then install the driver again. Follow the directions explicitly; if it says not to insert the card until after installing the driver, do what they say.

good luck, Jonathan

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Jonathan Sturges

Thanks Jonathan. I would like to install winxp, but that process hangs right near the end I get a blank screen and then nothing. Three attempts, back to win98. Sigh! I got another WPC11, this one version 4, and it installs perfectly. Go figure.

I May sometime try winxp again, But for now I'm working!


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