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I figured this would be the best place to post my dilema - I hope someone here can help. Here is my problem: I have recently (2 days ago) bought a new car - A dodge Magnum RT with every option available: Navigation, Sirius satellite, Blue tooth...etc. I am a realtor in Los Angeles and I use my laptop almost everyday out of my car. I have a VERIZON Anywhere PC card, a PCMCIA card with a magnetic antenna if I need to locate a WIFI spot in order to send property pictures...and of course the built in WIFI from the laptop. For the past 2 days I cannot connect to anything - it sees the networks it connects, but I cannot upload or download anything. I went crazy - I bought a new laptop - same thing, I bought a new network card - NOTHING! However, today, out of desperation - I tried logging on from the car while it was turned off (completely off) Guess what? I can connect, download upload etc just like before! As soon as I turn the key in the ACC position/ignition I lose the connection! What is causing the interference? Is it the SIRIUS antenna(on top of the car) the NAV system??? On my last car I had a aftermarket XM radio and it worked, it had NAV and it worked...What can it be? Please help....

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You need to pull fuses on the cars devices until you isolate the one causing the problem.

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What did Verizon say when you called them? I am sure they have seen this before ....

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Bluetooth and WIFI can seriously interfere with each other. Turn off the bluetooth in your car.

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