Use Directional Antenna (or help in general)


This is a 1 or 2 part question depending on whether the antenna is a good solution to my problem or if I am missing something that could really help more.

I need to boost my home wireless network signal coming from my DLink DI-514 router so it can pass through a few walls. Right now it is pretty weak and I was told to use the DLink antenna DWL-M60AT due to the router's position compared to my other computers the 90 degree angle should be sufficient...I hope. My confusion here is whether I need two of these antennas or if one is enough. That is to ask, "Will I need one on my access point and one on my router or will just the one on the router take care of everything?"

I am really bad at this wireless networking technology so I am open to other suggestions as well since I am just stabbing in the dark here concerning whether the antenna will actually help or not but I must keep costs down below $100 if possible and definitely below $150 since I am but a lowly college student.

Here is my situation if someone is willing to make other suggestions:

I live in an in-law apartment and my landlord, in the main part of the house, made a deal with me to set up her computer and in return I get free internet using her cable modem. Wahoo! I set up my DI-514 router on her side and it works so-so as long as I stay in my living room, the weather is good, and she doesn't run her dishwasher. The signal is good sometimes but is usually rated between poor and no signal where it fluctuates but I need the connection in my computer room far away as well which involves an odd corner for the signal to pass through plus there may be some metal in the wall there. My kitchen is about 15 x 21 feet, the hallway is about 5 x 10 feet, and, though squished in the diagram below, the computer room is about the same size as the kitchen.

BTW, my whole network is 802.11b and I really don't need to be faster just better.

Thanks for any and all help! Matthew Hanna

Diagram (my first try ever I think!):

| | | Landlord | | | | Living Room | | | R = DI-514 Router -> |R |

---------------------------- | | | | | | My Bed | My Kitchen | Kitchen | | Room | | | | | | | | | | |

--------- ----- ------------ | C R 4 | | o o | | | m o P ----- ----- | | p m C | H | B | My Living Room | | u s | E | A | Laptop is OK | | t w | A | T | here usually | | e / | T | H | | | r | | | |


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If you have a low signal, a reflector will likely fix the problem.

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EZ-12, printed on photo paper for thick stock, with aluminum foil glued to the sail, provides a substantial boost in signal.
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Wow! I'll definitely have to give that one a try! Thanks!

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