Multicast over VLANs

My current gig is at an IPTV shop that works with a lot of multicast traffic. We use Cisco 2960s in the labs. Most of these switches are set up with the default VLAN on port 1 for management, and the rest of the ports on another VLAN. I set up a switch with four VLANs, but the QA guys complain that multicast "doesn't work" on at least one, and they threw in an el cheapo Netgear switch for that segment.

I have barely begun to climb the multicast learning curve. At this point, I know to add ip igmp snooping querier and ip igmp snooping tcn query solicit I found out about ip igmp snooping vlan (as opposed to conf t, int vlan , and then adding IGMP stuff... weird). But I have to be missing something. It seems that some of this IGMP stuff just doesn't show up in the config, which I don't understand, either.

What do I need to do to make sure that IGMP works inside of a VLAN?

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John Oliver
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