mini pci card inside WG511T ?

The WG311T is a mini-PCI radio card, on a PCI adapter. It's probably based on an Atheros Super-G AR5005GS reference design.

The WG511T is a PCMCIA card. No way to hide anything inside that small a package. The design is similar to the mini-PCI Atheros based Super-G card, but with a PC-CARD interface.

You'll find some detail on what's inside by going to the FCC ID page at:

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searching by the FCC ID number on the serial number tag.

I thing (not sure) that this is the chip:

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Jeff Liebermann
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Does anyone know, if there is a mini PCI card inside the netgear WG511T PC Card? Similar to the mini pci card hidden insdide the wg311t v1.

thanks for your help, lophiomys

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