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I have an embedded cpu controller with a PCI slot and a mini-PCI slot. If I use the PCI-slot I don't need to buy additional pigtail cables with chassis connectors.

However do PCI cards normally consume more power than mini-PCI ones..? This unit will run off solar power so I don't want to waste power ...

Also can any of you suggest good PCI / mini-PCI NIC models with *good* Linux driver support..?

thanks for any comment


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Almost exactly the same. Mini-PCI *IS* PCI, just with a different connector and form factor. If you look carefully at some of the PCI cards, the board layout is just the Mini-PCI card transplanted onto a larger PCB.

You'll find that both devices report their current consumption (somewhere). It's also on the device data sheets. If you had disclosed your hardware details, I would have looked it up for you.

I do some PC-104 hardware work. You'll find that the CPU is the major power hog and that the network device consumption is rather small by comparison.

The Atheros stuff, using the MadWiFi drivers seem to be the best supported.

There are numerous Atheros chipsets so be careful.

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