Linksys WRT54G / Fujitsu Lifebook S-series interoperability issues

Greetings, gurus.

My fiancée and I have a small LAN configured at home which is connected to the internet (Virgin Media, a UK Cable ISP) via a Linksys WRT54G wireless router.

It's been fine and dandy for nearly 2 years with two wired (two gaming machines -- one XP Pro, one XP 64 Pro) and two wireless clients (one "general use" PC running XP Pro and a CCTV server machine running XP 64 Pro) permanently attached to it. She and I both also have corporate laptops which, on occasions when we work from home, are also used via wireless.

Both corporate laptops run XP Pro and are (in the office) members of the corporate domain.

Until recently, we both had HP lappies -- she an nc6000 and myself an nc4200, both of which connected fine.

Then our company replaced her HP with a Fujitsu-Siemens Lifebook S and the problems began. In short, the F-S lappie (with its Intel Wireless Pro 3945ABG chipset) will -only- get a DHCP-allocated IP address from the router if the router's "AP-Isolation" mode is -enabled-.

Curiously, the actual radio link is being established, something that can be verified by checking the router's status page and seeing the F-S' MAC address as registered, it just will not get an IP address.

Putting the AP into "isolation" mode would not be a problem were it not for the fact that one of the permanently connected wireless clients is a machine we use for CCTV monitoring of our property.

This machine is a generic desktop machine with a JBOD array within and connects, wirelessly, using a Belkin 802.11g PCI card that I happened to have knocking around. As soon as I enable the "AP isolation" function of the router I (by design) can no longer remotely connect to that client using VNC.

One solution would be to provide a wired connection to the CCTV box, however, this is simply not practical in our home as it'd mean running CAT5 all over the place, something I'd rather avoid.

Moreover, I'd rather get to the root of the problem with the F-S machine being the only device that has any difficulty connecting.

Any ideas?

Many thanks,


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