Linksys WRT54G and WUSB54G Connection Problems

Wireless tech is very new to me and I'm struggling to understand some of the terminology here. Given the following, can someone explain in laymans terms what I need to be doing that I'm not (and whether this scenario is likely to be occuring frequently - if it is, the whole lot is going back to the shop as it's too much hassle).

I have Windows XP SP2 and used to connect to the internet via a cable set-top box, which was cabled to the network card on my PC. When I moved, this became impractical, so I bought the router and adaptor mentioned in the subject.

After a few teething problems, I managed to get everything working, then added WPA security. The connection was "excellent" nearly all of the time and everything seemed great. I had to disable the network card, as XP was trying to restart (if that's the right term) it every time I booted up the PC but I expected that and have no need for it now with everything working.

After a couple of weeks, suddenly I lost internet access, although I could see the router and was, according to the network connection icon in the task bar still connected to it.

I've tried "repairing" the connection and I've tried rebooting the set-top box, router and PC, but the network that WAS working, still isn't.

I can get back into the router set-up if I use my broadband cabling into the router, and have take WPA off again as part of my investigations, but still cannot get internet access. The only way I can connect to the internet at the moment is via a long broadband cable from the set-top box to the network card and I've disconnected the adaptor.

The one thing I haven't yet tried is resetting the router to its factory default, I guess that's next, once I've noted down the static IP and MAC addresses I need.

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Some cable companies use your MAC address for authentication, in this case your pcs MAC. You might try using the CLONE MAC feature in the 54G. It basically makes the router look like it has your pcs MAC. Could be it worked ok till a DHCP lease expiration and now has quit. If this isnt the problem, connect to the router wirelessly and do an ipconfig /all at a command prompt. (Start, Run type in cmd and click ok. See if you are getting an IP address assigned in the routers subnet and see if it is showing your gateway (your routers IP) and DNS Servers IP. If this looks good, type in

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in your browser, if it cant get there type in . If neither works then DNS is not the problem, if doesnt work and the IP does then there is a DNS problem and you may need to manually set up the router with the dns addresses etc..........My guess is the MAC but check these out and see what happens.

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I've had problems with flaky net access over wireless, but mine seems to be fairly reliable now. One problem may be competing WLANs or other interferers. Changing the MTU and TTL may help - see the links below.

Handy links for fixing wirless networks:-

ezlan linksys uk

WAG54G firmware WUSB54G firmware insecure dlls kevin linksys setup carey net fixes linksys cust help dsl reports broadband reports

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Changing the channel helped me with lost connection. I live in a densed area, and interference of other AP caused conflicts. Changing the channel worked for me

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