What is Linksys range extender (WRE54G)

She is getting someone's signal. She might want to ask around if they would let her piggy back off there signal. But then there open to attack as well as her. If she is not in the area for the free wireless then I doubt any antenna Is going to help. You could always burn her a copy of the software and send her a copy. Or have her call linksys and they will send her one.

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Dan, The WRE54G is an access-point repeater. In order to sucessfully configure the WRE54 you need to have some control over the wifi network that you are trying to extend. The device will only work with one wifi network and require all authetication and encyption to be turned off (WEP/WPA) on the access point that you are trying to connect it to. There are lots of options you have to either piggyback on an open network or connect to the municpal network using a bridge and high-gain antenna, but those sorts of configurations are not 'user friendly' from a install/configure stand point.

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Exactly what is the Linksys wre54G range extender? Is it a repeater? Does it rebroadcast everything it sees? Reason I ask: Before my daughter moved to New Orleans I installed a leftover Linksys WMP11 wireless B card in her computer. The hope was that she would be able to connect to the FREE wireless that the city of New Orleans has installed. But apparently that signal is not yet in her area. But she is picking up many local signals, likely neighbors. She bought the wre54G thinking it might help her connect to the city's service but apparently that didn't help. I'm trying to help her over the phone and need to understand what this device does. In her case she gets much better wi-fi signals when the computer is in one particular room near a window but she does not want the computer in that room. So the wre54G is in that room and seemingly sending wi-fi to the computer room better than the computer could pick up these signals in that room. That seems to work but she can't connect to any of these nearby networks. The city is supposed to have wi-fi in her neighborhood soon. I'm wondering if she should keep the wre54G because it does seem to push the wi-fi signal to this inner room. She believes this because WinXP is showing a strong signal. (4 bars) Is that a good application for this device? By the way... She was unable to install the CDROM software for the device because it would not play in her DVD/CD drive. Music CDs play but with the Linksys disk in the tray the computer sees no disk.

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