Routing problem causing problems with VPN?

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I am having the oddest problem with my VPN connection for work, I can connect onto the network with it, but I cannot check my e-mail using Outlook 2003 (installed on laptop). I can ping all the computers on my subnet except the computer that is running Exchange 2003 and the VPN service. I also am unable to resolve ip's from hostname's.

From what I read on a google group search that was linking to this

google group, I may be having a routing problem, if anyone has any input I would appreaciate it.

Odd part is that this was working fine up until 2 seeks ago.

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Can you explain more detail? The configuration accroding to your writing. I think it seems as follows: vpn(pc1 ) pc

2---------------subnet |-------------------vpn connection-----------------|

pc1 is one vpn client connect to pc2 pc2 is exchange2003 and vpn server your question is you can ping from pc1 to subnet but you cannot ping pc2, even resolve pc2's ip, right?

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You have to be an authenticated user on your domain. Include the DC in the LMHOSTS file. Use a virtual adapter to log on to the domain NOT a cached profile. Re-install the LDAP service once you are logged in that way. CHECK your PostOffice settings and make sure delivery is the Exchange PS and not your personal file or folder (this will avoid a surprise at work)

H>Hello All,

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As far as I know I am authenticated to the domain controller, what do you mean by using a virtual adapter to log onto the domain and not a cached profile? What do you mean by re-installing the LDAP service once I am logged on?

When I am connected on the VPN to my work network I can ping all workstations except for the domain controller/VPN/Exchange server. This is too odd.

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I added the DC to the lmhosts file, from the VPN server I can ping both my VPN ip address and my ISP ip address. I am still unable to ping the VPN server even though it let me in, in the first place.

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