Linksys high gain antennas do they work

Has anyone use the linksys high gain replacement antennas on WRT54G? If so did you notice and difference? I just install a set on mine and actually I get better signal from the original ones then these new High gain antennas. I notice the signal strength will fluctuate between 73 and 54 percent a lot not too stable with the high gain ones. But the original ones seem to hold a more stable 73 percent signal strength.

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WRT54G? If so


Might try placing the AP in a higher location or just move it around some. The higher gain changes the shape of the transmission path and it may be causing some multipath problems that the lower gain antenna was not. Multipath = reflecting off of objects. A reflected signal meets with a real signal and can reduce its amplitude (signal strength) or in some cases it can add to the signal stength.

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I installed the high gain antennas because I was having weak signals in outlying areas of my house and in the garage. The antennas improved the signal in those areas to the point I can work there without any problems. I did not however take any signal strength measurements. I am running a X40 with 802.11g.

Dave G

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