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What equipment do you need to extend 802.11g maybe a mile? I have a Belkin Pre-N router and a Belkin Pre-N PC Card. I live in a typical suburban area. Thanks for your help,

- JB

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Ever notice that the antennas on the MIMO and Pre-802.11n hardware are non-removeable? That's because their exact relative locations are fairly important for re-assembling the multiple wavefronts used in MIMO. To attach an external antenna would require *THREE* antennas with roughly the same seperation and *THREE* coax cables. That's not going to happen this week. If you only bring out one antenna, you might as well toss the MIMO features and go back to more conventional

802.11g hardware.
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Jeff Liebermann

In what environment? Do you want to work line of sight or are you wanting a mile through all those houses?

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David Taylor

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