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I have a laptop computer and have a Dell Axim X50 pocket PC with wireless LAN card integrated.

If I were to plug my laptop to my PDA, could I use the PDAs LAN card to allow me to access the internet via my Laptop? So in essence, use the PDA as a wireless receiver for my laptop? If so, how do I go about this?

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Jumbo's Chippy
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I had to read your post twice before it became clear.

Basically, you want to use the PocketPC as "wireless hardware" for the laptop?

[Laptop] --->hard connection (USB, I'll assume) --> [PDA] --> Wireless Internet?

If you could find a proxy server that runs on PocketPC, it could be possible, but its going to be messy and slow.

If a PPC/WinCE proxy server even exists (I've never seen one), you'll going to be doing some dirty IP configuration on the laptop.

Why not just get a cheap wireless PCMCIA/Cardbus adapter for the laptop?

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Er, come to think of it...

I don't have any "PocketPC" PDA's, but have a few WinCE (WinCE 2.11/3.0) and HPC's (HPC 2000) gadjets.

Doesn't "PocketPC" have built-in Internet Connection Sharing? I seem to remember reading that one of the things PPC got (instead of just a new overlay) coming out of WinCE3.0 was ICS?

Try asking on microsoft.public.pocketpc

It may just be as a simple as enabling ICS on your PPC.

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