laptop/Belkin F5D7230-4 problem?

A friend cannot get his laptop to work with the Belkin F5D7230-4
router. This happended after his ISP broadband service failed.
The ADSL Modem connects to the Belkin router. A desktop connected by
cable to the router can see the Internet, the laptop using wireless
cannot. The laptop can connect OK using a cable.
Using wirless the IP of the laptop is which I read
means that the router's DHCP is not working. Can this be correct if
the laptop gets the correct IP using a cable?
Any suggestions please!
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Geoff Cox
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Fairly common..
1) When I had this recently it was a marginal wirless signal. Setting speend down to 11b and it popped in the address every time. Could be cause by interference so might be worth switching router to a disfferent channel 2 or 11).
2) Configs don't match. Wireless keys don't match or SSIDs are different.
3) You have turned on MAC protection and not got the proper mac set.
4) You are picking up some one elses network ...
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David Wade
Thanks Dave - will check out these ideas.
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