wireless sending, not receiving- what have I missed?

WinXP, cable modem, linksys router and nic.

I have been using ethernet on desktop with no problem, but recently bought laptop so added a wireless router. Laptop - no problems. Desktop shows connected to wireless (correct network), sending packets, 5 bar signal, but 0 receiving.

I assume this is a firewall issue, but I have turned off windows firewall, but no apparent change.

What am I missing?


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Richard hath wroth:


  1. Maker and model number of the cable modem.
  2. Model number of the Linksys router.
  3. Maker and model of laptop along with wireless card maker and model.
  4. Whether you're using encryption and if so what flavor? If WEP, use the Hex key, not the ASCII encryption key.
  5. Results of: start -> run -> cmd ipconfig Do you see a real IP address or is it 169.254.xxx.xxx.
  6. If the IP address is real, can you ping the router's IP address?
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Jeff Liebermann

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