Internet problem with wireless card

I'm testing 2 wireless cards on a laptop running WinME. The first card, a Lucent Technologies 'B' card, connects to a node and internet fine and transfers are at a good rate.

The second card, a Linksys 'G' card connects to the same node but reports it cannot connect to the internet. It did connect to the internet when I first started using it about a month or so ago but nothing's changed that I can tell. I only use one card at a time and I reboot between card changes.

All my IP settings are correct, DHCP is checked, Winipcfg reports fine, everything should work the same as the Lucent card but I can't get the internet to connect. I've selected mixed mode as well as straight 'G' mode. It's set for infrastructure so that it connects easily to nodes. The node in question is 'open' and encryption is disabled for test purposes.

Any ideas as to why I'm experiencing this problem would be appreciated. I would like to get the Linksys working again as the 'G' speed is much faster than the 'B' speed.


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