Hp dv4000 with Intel 2200BG can't stay connected.

T'was a dark and stormy night (with hail as a bonus), when suddenly the door to my palatial office flew open revealing and irate customer bearing his brand new HP dv4000 laptop. It seems his wireless connection was screwing up connecting to some (not all) hot spots and access points.

"I can stay connected anywhere between 1 minutes and 10 minutes before it disconnects. HP support was no help. Drop everything and fix it." He fumed waving his chequebook.

Sure, I'll even skip dinner if the price is right. Anyway, I checked for the usual screwups (windows updates, power savings, WPA re-auth timing) but everything looked ok. The wireless card was an Intel

2200BG which I've used before without incident. I tried switching between WZC and Proset, but the disconnect problem was still there. I did notice that it would stay connected to my WRT54Gv3 (Broadcom chipset) much longer than it would to a WRT54GC (Marvel chipset). Weird(tm).

So, I went to the Intel web pile, and downloaded the Intel network connection identification tool: |

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but Intel would require a program to decode the driver version. Anyway, it was 9.0.??? which was not the latest greatest.

So, I downloaded Proset at 82MBytes compressed. Every language and regulatory authority tossed into one archive. Sigh. |

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(wait 5 minutes) and install. Instead of WZC, it was now running Proset 10. No disconnect problems with any of the office (or neighbors) wireless access points. Fixed.

Of course, during the inevitable arguement over who's gonna pay for dinner, expedite fees, and trashing my Friday evening, the power went out. Oh well.

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