background noise from wireless laptop card

I just installed the Net WG511 card on my laptop. When I insert it my computer makes a feedback noise from my pc speakers. I have to out my speakers on mute to get rid of the noise. I have the latest drivers for noth the router and pc card. I can't find any information on this being a listed problem. I have a Dell Inspiron 6000 if that means anything. I just replaced my old pc card from Microsoft with the Netgear and I didn't have the noise problem. Any suggestions?

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John Young
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I'll assume Windoze XP. Dive into the audio mixer control panel and turn OFF the microphone. Double click on the speaker icon, find the recording options, and you'll find a check box under the microphone. I'm not sure if it does have a built in microphone, but it's worth a try.

If it really is a squealing noise, then it's something induced by audio being picked up by the built in microphone in your Insprion

6000. If it were a lower pitched burping noise several times per second, the speaker circuitry is picking up RF from the card.

I'll guess that your old Microsoft PC card was also a PCMCIA (or PC Card) type of card. I've heard noises out of the speaker from various PCMCIA cards, but never feedback. Methinks that has to be something else going on such as the microphone pickup.

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