Force WZC with Linksys Wireless-G Compact USB network adaptor

I have installed a Linksys usb network adaptor (model no WUSB54GC) on my desktop and stupidly used their Wireless Network Monitor. This kept dropping the connection (whereas my laptop situated 2 feet away from the desktop never, ever drops the connection). The lap top uses the Windows Zero Config utility.

I have uninstalled the usb device and the software and then loaded the driver for the device using New Hardware wizard (without the installation disk, although I did have to use it to find file rt73.sys). I start and make automatic the WZC service. The device does work and there is no sign of the Wireless network Monitor, which is what I wanted to achieve. I can get online easily and all is well.

However, when I right click on the little icon in the sys tray and click "view available network connections" the WZC utility tells me some other software is managing the connection. I have deleted the Linksys utility and my previous Wanadoo utility. I can find no software that would be managing the connection.

How do I force WZC to manage the connection? How to I find out what software is manageing it (I guess it's the rt73.sys file) - can I install the usb device without and connection management capacility?

All help welcome. All I want is for the WZC service to manage the connection, automatically and exclusively.



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