Wireless Dropouts with a funky twist


First of all thanks to anyone who posts, i imagine a fair few of these issues would go unnoticed.

My specs are: ADSL2+ internet connection connected to my pc through a wireless network approximately 10m away from the router. The router is a Netcomm NB9W and my wireless receiver card is also a Netcomm, not sure of model.

Problem: It seems when i startup my computer the internet will work for a short period of time before entering a phase where no packets are received, yet they are sent. This usually happens after prolonged use. It is fixable by repairing the connection by right clicking the icon in the taskbar etc.

I experienced a similar problem to this before my upgrade to ADSL2+. the solution was to disable Windows Zero Configuration and use the software to manage the connection. I have tried this as well as the windows wireless management and still have no luck.

My main annoyance is why the connection is not picked up as dead or disabled or something, it still reports full connectivity.

I guess i'm one of the lucky ones who are able to run a wireless network with minimal problems which can be fixed by repairing, but this is still very annoying.

I appreciate any efforts,


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I was getting this on a wirelessly connected server awhile back, except it would eventually completely drop out. The solution was to uninstall PC Tools Firewall and install COMODO..so check your firewalls first.

That's true. I don't like wireless much: if I could purchase Homeplug for a sane price I would migrate everything to that right away. Wireless has unfortunately been too unreliable for me.

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