Wireless to eathernet or wifi? before the connect to the computers?

Hello, I have a Wifi antenna with a built in adapter and a linksys wireless router. How can I connect the antenna to the router and have 2 computers connect to that mess? I have to have the antenna because of distance issues. The other end or the main computer is Running on dsl connected to an Actiontec wifi modem router where I get the signal. I am having trouble finding the way to change the IP add. on the linksys on my end. I plug the antenna/adapter in to one computer on my end and have no problem,but I cannot connect the other? Hard wired or wifi. The connection will shut down the dsl on the other end? And I cannot find a way to change the security settings on the linksys either? It seems to be set on wpk and the computers wont all run on that setting? I hope that is'nt to confusing? Any help would be appreciated.

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