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My son lives in a small village in lincolnshire where they have communal broadband WiFi. The question I have is is it possible to have a repeater in the sons house so that the signal from the communal network (which has a tree in the way) could be accessed from a slightly different location and then sent to his home network on a different frequency to the communal network, if it is possible how would we go about it.


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Yes. What wireless standard is the communal network?

There are products like this for 802.11g for example..

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Would something like this work for a service like BT Openzone? I have a BT openzone account, but can only get the signal from my balcony in the flat. For a few reasons, I'm not intending to get broadband at home for a few weeks, maybe longer, so it would be really useful to extent the BT Openzone signal into the flat. Are their cheaper options, e.g. involving a cable/antenae etc.

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