[telecom] Where to buy 5-pr cable in small quantity (100')?

Does anyone know where I can find 5-pair drop-type cable in short lengths? I'd prefer an inside cable, but could use jelly-filled if that's all I can find... All I can find are 3-pr category 3 and 4-pr category 5.

Thanks, Heath

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Heath Roberts
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I find it best to find a popular cable manufacturer, get their specific part # for it, and search for that. You'll pick up all the ones that copy the popular manufacturer's part #s too (although 5-pair cable isn't all that popular obviously).

Ie. Beldon 9505NH is a 5-pair, 24AWG, stranded, shielded cable. Mouser has 100' sections in stock for a whopping $84.13.

At that price, it may be much cheaper to run two 4-prs and waste what you don't need.

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Doug McIntyre

I don't know where you're looking, but start with the basics. Cable comes in inside and outside plant varieties. Inside wire can be PVC (type CMR) or Plenum (CMP). Outside wire can be aerial or buried with messenger and clad or filled or both.

Since you asked for INSIDE wire, try looking at some manufacturers. Comeman,CommScope, Essex, Belden, Berk-Tek, General, Mohawk come to mind. You'll find that cable comes in 2,3,4,6,12,25,50 and 100 pairs. Category 3 is basic twisted, and there is Cat-5e,6 and beyond.

Now, addressing your question, SIX pair cable CMR carries a wholesale price of about $160 per thousand. It usually comes in gray. I'm guessing a short quantity can be had for about $30 per hundred with an additional shipping charge.

We usually stock it on our shelf (not until April or May. You might try calling around to telephone installers in your area to see if they have any.


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