Citywide WiFi - what is needed to set up a repeater in this case?

My town installed wifi (802.11) througout the city and my signal is pretty weak. There is a spot in my home where I can pick up the signal pretty good (garage). I was wanting to set up a repeater of some sort in there, and then have it repeat wirelessly so I can get a good signal througout my home. Is this possible with a single device? I currently have cable going into a wrt54g2 linksys router providing internet connection. I've seen where this can be set up as a repeater, but from one router to another. Any ideas?

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Put a wifi router out in the garage, configured as a client. Have that make the wifi connection. Run a wire from there to an access point inside the house to provide wifi for your laptops. Router-to-router 'repeating' is a pain in the ass to configure. WDS requires very specific combinations of compatible routers and firmware levels. That and they generally have to be configured on BOTH of the routers. It's unlikely the metro wifi people are going to go through that hassle. Thus using a router as a client is probably your better solution.

Bear in mind, of course, that metro wifi is probably not going to be very fast. By the time you and everyone else leeches a connection it'll be pretty bogged down.

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