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A repeater repeats the AP communications and wireless clients can talk to the repeater.

An AP in wireless client mode will talk to the root AP but wireless clients cant talk to the AP in wireless client mode. If group 2 is not going to use any wireless devices then the AP in client mode would allow them to communicate with group 1 through the Client Mode to AP path. As was mentioned, some APs in client mode will only bridge one MAC address and only one computer can talk. If you have group 2 on a router connected to the AP client then this is not an issue.

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If you add an access point which can be configured in Wireless Client mode and which can handle multiple MAC addresses, then all clients on both segments will be able to talk to each other.

You don't need Repeater mode, nor Bridge mode. The problem is that the documentation usually doesn't say which devices can handle multiple MAC addresses - they usually only refer to a single client device.

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My situation..

1 802.11g AP+ integrated hub (by Sparklan), both ethernet and wireless clients are connected..

Another Ethernet only hub, with many clients. At the moment, I've bridged the two lans with a 802.11g nic on a PC in the 2nd LAN. I'm using the Windows XP bridging features, and they work fine, but I don't want to keep the PC always on.

I've been thinking of adding a second AP to the Ethernet only hub, with a cross cable. If I configure this new AP as a wireless client-AP repeater the wireless clients and the ethernet clients on both segments will be able to talk to themselves ? The configuration of the first AP (which has no WDS/Wireless client capability) should not be touched at all..

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Mmm.. isn't repeater mode the same thing as wireless client mode ? Gee, I've skimmed a few books but WDS isn't even mentioned..

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